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School & Library Shows

Ash K. is entertaining, easy to work with, and fun for all ages – even for the grown-ups there to supervise!

His library and school shows are written by an award-winning teacher,  his manager  & director Kevin. Kevin began his teaching career with a Fulbright teaching scholarship, and has a master’s degree in education: they both know kids, and strongly value education, libraries, and literacy!

Multiple Discounts! 

Whether it’s your system, or a colleague across the state cooperating with you, everyone saves by booking multiple shows – as little as $175* per show!

Big Discounts for libraries & schools within a Day’s Drive of One Another: unbelievable discounts for Same-Day Shows!

Get Ash K. to Your Patrons the Easy and Inexpensive Way:


Call your colleagues (they can be in nearby, separate counties or school districts) to find dates that work for you all, then contact Ash K.’s manager, Kevin, scrolling down to "Bigger Events:"

* That price is of course for when you and others book Ash K. for several shows over several days. The more you cooperate  with your colleagues, the less expensive it is for you and those partnering schools and libraries.


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