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"Super fun and engaging."


Halloween 2020 Zoom Magic Show

  • How do the Zoom shows work?
    Many of you still want to see Ash K. in action, and we have found that the Zoom conference tool works great. Upon receriving your payment, you'll get an email with a link to the show, and simple instructions for what to share with your guests for them to watch a great show online. Ash K. can still see the kids and parents at home, so be ready for his questions and to participate!
  • What do you charge?
    For a party in your home for fewer than 20 people, $350. For school & library rates, we charge the going rate. For corporate events, contingent on production costs including stage, sound, and lighting (which of course all depend on the complexity of your event). Daytime shows are less expensive, as are weekdays; holiday weeks and weekends are more expensive. Our two-part guarantee: 1. We will match ANY written bid from ANY full time, professional magician. 2. If not completely satisfied, your money back. "Many cheaper, none better."
  • What does he do in his show/what kind of magic does he do/what’s his show like?
    Always in his hilarious way, Ash does every kind of magic, from making things disappear & appear, magically restore them after their complete destruction, float them, or even reveal audience members secret thoughts! Please enjoy our two videos to see for yourself. Besides being a complete crack-up, Ash K. always involves both the kids as audience members and as volunteers, even if online. “Some cheaper, none better.”
  • Who are some of your clients/where can we see Ash?
    The majority of his performances, just like your event for which you might considering Ash K., are not open to the public. But Ash does perform all over the place, and here are some public events where you might have seen him: • Peninsula Symphony, Palo Alto • San Francisco Public Libraries • Holiday Tea, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco • Metropolitan Club, San Francisco • San Francisco Symphony’s Holiday Program, Deck the Halls • Chabot Space & Science Center • Alameda County Libraries • Sausalito Art Festival • San Jose Libraries
  • Where will Ash K. perform/how far will he travel?
    Chiefly in the Nine-County San Francisco Bay Area, from SF to Palo Alto; Berkeley to Healdsburg; Fremont to Walnut Creek; Contra Costa to Mill Valley; Calistoga to Santa Cruz; San Jose to Hillsborough; Napa to Newark; Oakland to Novato; Petaluma to Atherton; Monterey to Yountville; Fairfield to Brisbane. But really, anyplace with paved roads & airports – even that is negotiable – is fine. (Ash K. was once flown to a remote ranch). As any time that Ash K. is traveling is time he’s not performing, we must charge 50¢ per mile for the first 100 miles, then $1.00 per mile thereafter.
  • Is my home too small for a home party?
    In 18 years of doing shows, we haven’t seen one that we can’t make work. Please have a large person with a good back move the couch and tables for Ash K. prior to his arrival, setting him up with his back to a wall with no windows, or drapes closed if a windowed wall. The goal is to give your guests a theatrical experience: kids seated on the floor, adults in chairs behind them, so everyone will have a great show and great time!
  • How long is his show?
    Ash would happily perform the whole day, but little kids (4-6) need to move after about 30 minutes, and bigger kids about 45 minutes for when he's in the room. Shorter shows for online. For our educational programs (that kids & teachers are prepared for), they’re longer, typically from an hour to ninety minutes. Also shorter if online. For strolling magic (such as at Grad Nights & street fairs, during which Ash K. strolls amongst your guests), we typically require a two-hour minimum.
  • Does Ash K. produce a rabbit from a hat?
    Though our friends who do use live animals in their show take pains to make the animals comfortable, we feel that if you had a brain the size of a pea, and were stuffed into a small, dark space for about an hour, and suddenly a hand came in and grabbed you and brought you out into a room of excited, screaming children, you might not like it. So we leave the bunnies alone.
  • Where is Ash K. from, and how did he get that name?"
    Ash K. was born in Balka, which is slightly East of Poland. Don’t try to find it on a map though: Liechtenstein looks like a vast empire compared to Balka. Ash’s full name is “Ashkenazi,” which most Americans find more or less impossible to say and remember, so he gave up, and had it surgically shortened. As to his former name, Ash K. the Pretty Good, his first manager hired a very inexpensive, and utterly incompetent translator, and as Ash had no idea that his correct title had been, shall we say, “mishandled” until about two years after his first gigs, it was by then too late to take back. Please don’t ask him what his correct title was – he sulks for a day or so afterwards – but let’s just say that “the Pretty Good” fell a little short, and we’ve since dropped it from his name.
  • How did Ash get into magic? What about his Manager, Kevin?"
    Ash’s grand-father was a professional magician, and his father was an accountant. He therefore did the proper thing and allowed the impractical gene to skip a generation. Kevin was interested in magic as a lad (as many are), and stopped doing it when he entered college to pursue very serious matters, which he did for some fifteen years before he accepted that he was better suited to un-serious matters.
  • I have a fundraiser or non-profit event: Would Ash like to perform for us?
    Please submit the following information to get your request to the top of our list: • Date of Event • Production Company • Public Relations Agency • Location • Needed as a) Headliner or b) MC • Complete Contact Information •List of other parties donating/participating
  • Does Ash K. do balloon animals / balloon work?
    He is happy to do any of these, but prefers to be really good at just one thing: magic! If you know who did this great graphic, would love to credit it!
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