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Magic and/or Juggling Classes

Kevin Madden, Ash K.'s manager, teaches any non-show classes. Magic, juggling, or both. When you book a show, Ash K. performs and teaches.

Kevin's first teaching job was as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Austria, and when you hire him to teach magic or beginning juggling, you get about 12 years of classroom experience, a M.A.Ed., and a reliable, fun grown-up.

What if I Just Want a Magic Party?

Not a problem. $20 per child gets you $12 worth of tricks for each child that they keep ,plus an hour with Kevin or Ash K. showing them how to do them and other tricks with everyday objects. (10 kids, or $300 minimum)


What if I want to hire you for after-school enrichment classes or camps?

Kevin teaches beyond the immediate skill set: from good practice habits, to building tolerance for the inevitable frustration that comes for ambitious kids, to respect for others’ feelings and abilities – all have a place in his classroom. Few of your kids (if any) will be professional magicians, jugglers, or chess players – but they will all be human beings. He strives to challenge them to grow intellectually and emotionally in a safe environment.

Just fill out the "bigger events" booking form, and he'll be in touch.

Wait - you both teach beginning juggling, too?

Yep. You can do a combination class/classes with magic, or just beginning juggling.

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