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Though there are just two of us on tour, there are dozens of people who have helped make this possible.

From the magicians in the San Francisco Bay Area who have given us useful, critical feedback over the years, to Jered writing up the insurance policy, a partial list of lovely humans who helped would include:

  • Kit Haskell, prop mistress extraordinaire, owner of Paint Illusions

  • Dante Mancini

  • Maria LaMance

  • Michael Cary

  • Jay Alexander

  • Bill & Mieko Swartz

  • The Bedolla Family

  • My siblings and their spouses (two of you in particular get saint-status)

  • My adopted siblings, Kent & Judith Gunn

  • Friends who show up, for sunny and cloudy days

  • Every vendor who did what they said they were going to do, the first time

  • For Kevin, thanking my late parents. Without you, no show. Miss you both.

  • For Ash K., he wanted to thank his mom, and his cousin Avrum.

  • Our friends at White Rabbit Magic, who are offering fellow students and performers of the art a nifty coupon code below.

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