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  • Where can I see your show?
    With anybody who booked us! This is not a touring, theater show: we aren't booked in theaters, or at public places - the route you see on the map just shows you when we're in your area, so that you or a colleague, friend, or non-profit can book us. In other words, you're not going to find tickets for sale for our non-fundraiser shows. If you want us, show it to somebody, from your friendly children's librarian for Ash K.'s kids shows, to a non-profit doing a fundraiser and wanting something compelling to sell tickets, to people just wanting great entertainment for the evening.
  • Why are you doing this?
    An overwhelming desire to share our magic, and connect with our fellow Americans after a very, very challenging year and half we’ve endured. And honestly, we like adventure!
  • What’s the difference between the two acts?
    Kevin the Cap is the gentle conman, and will entertain you and your guests with his one-hour stage show, or strolling magic. With his Fulbright Teaching Assistantship from many moons ago, and master’s degree in education, he is also the World’s Most Overqualified Magic Teacher™. See his website HERE for more information. Ash K. provides quirky, old-world charm, also performing a one-hour stage show, strolling magic, or for children, a 45 minute act. See his website HERE for more information.
  • How far are you travelling?
    According to data guy Randal Olson, whose route we are using, 13,699 miles. We like that it’s not 13,700. That would be disappointing somehow. We'll come up to 100 miles off the route for your event, and up to 200 miles off if you pay mileage of $1 per mile off.
  • Who is “we?”
    Two magicians, Kevin the Cap, and Ash K. Ash K. is a fine magician, but not so hot with computers and logistics. Kevin the Cap is a fine magician, and also quite competent with those two baskets. When doing administration/emailing you, Kevin is “Kevin the Manager.”
  • How long have you known each other?
    Since 1994. Kevin has managed Ash K. since 2001, and resumed performing himself about 2013.
  • How do I book you?
    Four easy steps (takes about 7 minutes) 1. Please look at the itinerary page and a map we've provided, and confirm that your town or city is within 100 miles of our route. If it is not, please note how far it is off the route when you … 2 … fill out the form on the "Booking" page. 3. It’s quick and easy: you type in your information, and if Ash K. or I can do that date at that location, we will ask for your deposit and confirmation. 4. Please pay the 50% deposit, confirm, and we’ll send you everything you need to do to set up for a great show. If you are a library or governmental organization unable to make a deposit, please note that in the, "What do you need us to know about the show?" field. That’s it! Honestly, we're pretty terrible salespeople, and just want to give you a great show at a great price.
  • My event is on a day that you’re one day away from my area - can we still book you?
    If at all possible! Of course, we have to meet our obligations to those who already booked us. We won’t reverse our route, but otherwise will do anything to get to perform for you.
  • Can we talk on the phone about it?
    Whenever possible, absolutely! 415.349.0632. Book us with confidence, because we do offer a 100% refund if not fully satisfied.
  • You’re 500 miles off the route from us on the itinerary - can you alter your route?
    Would love to, but it’s just not possible. If you’re 200 or fewer miles off the route, and are willing to pay $1/mile for the detour, we’ll accommodate you happily. That being said, if you're 500 miles off the route with several events that you want to book, we're not nuts.
  • Saw your rate sheet - wow, that’s expensive!"
    We tried to make it affordable with the splits you see there for smaller economies, and our pricing for large events is about ½ of what we normally charge. Honestly, not trying to get rich doing this tour!
  • You just came through yesterday - can you backtrack? We have a HUGE event tomorrow!
    Sorry - folks down the road are waiting for us, and besides, you'd be on the hook for the mileage.
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