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Three Steps to Booking One of Our Shows or Classes

1. See the Price Sheet in the PDF below (it's pages 3-5) : we are the first magicians we know of to openly post all of our prices. No surprises! No haggling! Assuming you are happy with what you see ...

2. ... next click here to look at our itinerary, and make sure you are within 50 miles of the route/100 miles total (warning: the map is hard to see on your phone). We will go off our route from 100 to 200 miles total for $1/mile. Then just fill out the form on this page.

3.  I check our inquiries in the morning, and if the spot is open, will request your deposit & signature. Once you do that, you're booked!

Kevin the Manager
aka Kevin the Cap

p.s. If you don't want to read the first part of the price sheet below, just watch this 1 minute video, then check if our 48 state route is close enough to you here.

p.p.s. Happy to talk - just click here to call me on the phone!


Tell Us Where You Want Us, & When!
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