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“Please get a job and send me money.” //   Ash K.'s Mom

Northern California's Funniest Magician, Ash K. hales from Balka (a very small country East of Poland), and has lived in the San Francisco Bay ar ea for some sixteen years. While living in Sonoma County, he met his future manager.


Born to a family of professional entertainers in the Eastern European country of Balka, Ash K. began performing for paying audiences by age thirteen, and by age fourteen, allowed them to leave the room for additional payment.


Recently asked about his experience in America as a foreign national, Ash K. responded, “I like it here very much. For one, I have not been incarcerated, even briefly, which is a lot better than some folks are doing both home and here. AND not a single person has had another unfortunate moment with that guillotine illusion this year. Then again, I did take it out of the show last year.”


He enjoys reading about European and Asian history, jazz music, crochet (traditionally, a man’s hobby in his country), and jogging.

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