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Kevin the Cap provides stellar magic for any event with his strolling/walk-around magic, stage show, or magic classes, guaranteeing your event's success. If it's a private party for ten or a stage show for 2,000, you still get excellent service paired with an unforgettable performance.

Nothing like a pandemic to ruin hours of copywriting. Everything you see here now available on Zoom. I mean that's pretty concise, right? 



Dinner parties, company picnics, weddings, anniversary parties, and bail hearings. Which of the above does NOT traditionally have entertainment? If you read this in front of Kevin, and knew the answer, he'd give you a cookie. He's THAT nice!

These are actual wedding guests having a really GOOD time instead of a forced-good-time. (We've all been to those weddings that could have been fixed by quality entertainment or a nuclear attack).


At some point, the men are going to refuse to dance anymore, and the women's feet are going to hurt in those nice looking but  impractical heels.

Give 'em something that they'll remember and appreciate.


Stage Shows


Kevin is in the amusement business: give him a stage (or just a place to pace), and you're guaranteeing yourself howls of laughter.

It's a full hour show (or shorter if you wish), chock-full of the impossible and the hilarious.

He will never embarass the person who booked him, but is available for gently torturing persons indicated to him as especially deserving of his attentions.


Trust us: worth every penny. He is there to make you and your event shine.

Trade Show Magician San Francisco Kevin

Trade Show Magic


You have spent tens or hundreds of thousands in renting your booth space, having the booth manufactured (or renting equipment), your collateral, and paying your staff to be there (and perhaps their per diem & travel costs). Now it's time to spend the last fraction of your budget on getting people to stop and hear what you have to say.

Please fill out the contact form, and include the city of your event, and date, so we can figure out how to get you the most qualified leads using interactive marketing, because that's what Kevin does.

Magic & Juggling Classes


Kevin holds a M.A.Ed., and has taught every age from pre-schoolers to college level in three countries.

The classes are great or team building and practicing public speaking skills. Or just learning fun magic tricks at work on the company's dime.

Our magic classes range in time and complexity, according to your goals:

  • One Hour Learn Some Fun Magic – From $15 - $50 per person, depending on the amount of folks, includes up to $37 worth of magic props & tricks.


  • Four Hour to Eight Hour  Magic Intensives – For groups up to 20, everyone will have a chance at some "stage time" to try out their budding public speaking & performance skills.

  • Beginning Juggling Workshop is perfect for adults wanting to loosen things up: experienced jugglers will be able to assist newbies in the art of keeping multiple juggling bags aloft.


Learn from the best magic teacher in Northern California!

Though great with teenagers, Kevin does not do kids' parties, library shows, or kid-centered magic. Ash K.'s is amazing with adults AND kids: please visit
To see Ash K.'s corporate and adult work, visit

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